Bariatric Surgery FAQ

Is it possible to regain weight after Bariatric surgery?

It is possible to regain weight if you do not follow the diet and exercise recommendations.  To be successful after Bariatric surgery, you must make a lifelong commitment to maintaining the diet and exercise changes you made before surgery.

Does bariatric surgery affect pregnancy?  Can I become pregnant after bariatric surgery?

The weight loss experienced after Bariatric surgery can improve fertility, making it easier to become pregnant after Bariatric surgery.  

You should wait about 18 to 24 months (once your weight has stabilized) following bariatric surgery to become pregnant.  Rapid weight loss and nutrition deficiencies could harm a developing fetus.

Do insurance companies pay for bariatric surgery?

Most insurance companies cover the costs of bariatric surgery, but if you would like to use insurance, it is important to confirm your coverage with your insurance provider.

See instructions on confirming your insurance coverage here.