Gastric Sleeve

Helps you lose weight by restricting the size of your stomach and reducing the hormones which contribute to hunger. You will feel less hungry and feel full sooner after eating.

Approximately 80% of your stomach is removed, leaving a tube shaped stomach with an opening less than the width of a hotdog.



Gastric Bypass

Helps you lose weight by creating a small stomach pouch and changing the way food is absorbed. You will feel full sooner after eating and absorb less of the food you eat.

The path food takes through your intestines will also change and the food you eat will no longer go through some parts of your intestines.

Gastric Band Adjustment / Removal and Conversion

Gastric bands can be removed for inadequate weight loss or complications from your band such as infection, malfunction, erosion or intolerance to the band. We do not place new gastric bands.

If you qualify for conversion to a different Bariatric surgery, this can be done at the time of band removal or in a following surgery.

Medical Weight Loss

Offering weight loss interventions through diet and exercise alone and/or pharmacological tools (medications). These may be stand alone treatments, or as precursors for Bariatric surgery in the future.

Additional services

Abdominal wall hernias can potentially be treated at the time of your bariatric surgery.

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