Why Choose Us!

You have a choice where to have your surgery.  Choose The Medical and Surgical Weight Loss Clinic at Sacred Heart Hospital and Evergreen Surgical because:

Dr. Brandon Andrew:
  • Fellowship trained in Bariatric Surgery
  • Board Certified
  • High success rate (Link to video)
  • Low complication rate (in fact there have been no surgical complications in his practice)
  • ”State of the Art” and up to date on the latest Bariatric surgeries/procedures/treatments 
  • Published in peer reviewed medical journals on Bariatric Surgery
  • Has given talks on Bariatric surgery at National Conferences 

Ask your surgeon if they meet these specific qualifications.  If your surgeon does not meet these qualifications or doesn’t want to talk about their training, education, complication rate or success rate, beware!  

Sacred Heart Hospital/Evergreen Surgical:
  • Facilities available to take care of Bariatric patients.  Appropriately sized/weight-rated beds, doors, washrooms facilities, equipment for Bariatric patients.
  • Able to care for Bariatric patients’ post-operative needs regardless of where they had surgery (some other local hospitals/surgeons will not take care of even their own post-operative patients if the patient has a problem).
  • 24/7 surgical coverage by board certified surgeons
  • Sacred Heart Hospital is a 390 bed, Joint Commission Accredited facility and a teaching facility recognized by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education.  Sacred Heart Hospital has received the Healthgrades Patient Experience Award, an “A” in Leapfrog’s Patient Safety Scores, and the Wisconsin Hospital Association Foundation’s Global Vision Community Partnership Award. 
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